“Love Monkey trips the light fantastic between autobiography and surreal imagination…Hussey is a hypnotic performer, with a daunting arsenal of characters, accents and high-octane physical comedy at his disposal….Hussey’s verbal dexterity and kinky imagination make Love Monkey a show really worth seeing.”

–  The Age

“It’s a densely layered chunk of performance blending hilarious autobiography, lyrical fiction, speculative philosophy, psychoanalytical symbolism, pop and high culture references with cheap clowning…it will be on your back for some time to come.”

–  Sunday Age 

“A consummate comic character actor with a rubber face and a compact build that allows him to glide and prance around the stage like a dancer…his comic timing is impeccable as he switches physicality and accents.”

– Herald Sun 

“(John-Paul Hussey’s) ‘Love Monkey’ is a real tour de force, a mighty production.”

– The Age

“Gorgeously staged, a visually and aurally rich production…a magnificent concoction of clown and menace”

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-11-23-15-am– Australia Stage On Line

“A remarkable achievement…an entirely intriguing and entertaining production from start to finish…Love Monkey is a stunning production not to be missed!” –

– Arts Hub

“The show is 1 1/4 hours of controlled lunacy by turns bamboozling, compelling and hilarious, held together by the charisma and energy of its performer”

– The Age

“Hussey creates powerful, hilarious and intense theatre…dazzling and always funny”

– The Age

“He switches with an amazing agility between characters, accents, situations, meditations, all the while moving, twisting, contorting.”

– Sunday Age

“The production’s major asset is the marvelous John-Paul Hussey as number one son Danny. His portrayal of a drug affected, power-intoxicated, sociopathic dealer and family man neatly straddles the requirement to be both comedic and menacing. I loved the dead behind the eyes look and the macho posturing. He prowled the stage like he owned it and no one better forget it!”

derryn– The Australian Stage

“Let the word go out that John-Paul Hussey’s play Chocolate Monkey is a triumph. I can’t imagine a one person show reaching greater heights of dramatic intensity or telling us so much about the world in which we live”

– Hannie Rayson, playwright

“An irresistible and a consummate performer.”

-The Age

“Hussey is a human dynamo, his energy and enthusiasm are phenomenal.”

– Herald Sun

“An excellent and very broad vocal range.”

– Sydney Morning Herald

“Cleverly interconnected and visually stunning.”

– The Irish Times

“Like you’ve never seen before…a 5-star production.”

– Adelaide Theatre Review

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