JOHN-PAUL HUSSEY has appeared as an MC and as a roving performer for countless festivals and special events. Here is a list. below. 

The Adelaide International Festival

The Dublin Arts Festival

The Famous Speigel Tent

Fusion Festival, Germany

The Stockton Festival, UK

Rainbow Serpent Festival, AUS

Glastonbury Festival, UK

Falls Festival, AUS

The Village, Melbourne

Virgin National Indi Band Comp, AUS

The Victoria Night Market

South Melbourne Market

Big West Festival, Melbourne

Sorbent XMas Party, Melbourne

Coles Xmas Party, Melbourne

Crown Casino, Melbourne

Shed 4, Docklands, Melbourne

Aubrey Food & Wine Festival

Good Weekender Festival

Half Moon Festival, Geelong

“John-Paul Hussey is a man between men. He is the social lubricant, the provocateur, the naughty boy, the tender listener, artistic collaborator and party starter. His characters are detailed, rich and immersive. The Adelaide Festival has thoroughly enjoyed their engagement of John-Paul and commend other employers to do the same.”

Ross Ganf
Festival Club Creative Director
Adelaide Festival Corporation


“Hussey is a hypnotic performer, with a daunting arsenal of characters, accents and high-octane physical comedy at his disposal…” – The Age Newspaper


“A consummate comic character actor with a rubber face and a compact build that allows him to glide and prance around the stage like a dancer…his comic timing is impeccable as he switches physicality and accents.” – Herald Sun



In 2012 and 13, John-Paul Hussey was the host of Barrio, the Hub for The Adelaide International Arts Festival, which featured 6 of his different characters. Barrio was a huge success for the festival boasting crowds of up 1500 every night and won the much coveted RUBY AWARD as the best event of 2012. His work there was also cited in ‘The Australian’ newspaper as one the major highlights of the Adelaide International Arts Festival.


Concept & MCing by John-Paul Hussey

DO U LIKE 2 WRESTLE? was staged in a large shed (Shed 4) in The Docklands in Melbourne (2009). The set is designed as a large scale mud wrestling TV show. The audience is invited to fully participate by arriving at the venue with a wrestling costume of their own personal design.  The design criteria is that their wrestling costume must be inspired by the fashion houses of either Armani or Versace. When they arrive they are welcomed by their host and MC, The Most Reverend David Panache (John-Paul Hussey) who splits into them into 8 different personality groups and the wrestling begins, accompanied by a live band and DJ.


“John-Paul Hussey was one of the major highlights of the festival…”

– The Australian

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