JOHN-PAUL HUSSEY has worked in Special Events for over 20 years, as a director, choreographer and designer and Host/MC.  His work is extremely diverse, handling a wide range of clients and audience demographics. 

Cole/Myer. Sorbent. Crock Productions and Smackos. Queen Victoria Market, Adelaide International Festival the Famous Speigal Tent. 

He has also a director of award-winning Installations, Circus, Cabaret, and Burlesque. 

Below are a number of large-scale performance installations he has directed: 


YOU CAN TOUCH IT IF YOU WANT is a collaboration between John-Paul Hussey as Director/Dramaturge with installation artist, Anne Marie Sinclair & a team of designers and performers in an abandoned cinema in Adelaide (2004). It is a ‘performance installation walk through’ featuring 12 performers from a wide range of disciplines: theatre, butoh, performance art, cabaret & dance. The design team dressed a number of different spaces while John-Paul Hussey & Anne-Marie Sinclair filled each space with a different performance or event. Full credits are available on YouTube.

The audience walks through corridors, upstairs, past rooms viewing scenes; these scenes repeat themselves, similar to a ghost train ride.  Eventually, by the end of their journey the audience will have an accumulated a collection of fragmentary experiences, which they will piece together as a whole. The general theme in You Can Touch it if You Want is the difference between love and desire, the epic and the banal. The setting is a cross between Love Boat & Fantasy Island.

You Can Touch It If You Want was critically acclaimed, as well receiving 5 stars. It was converted after each performance into a nightclub for festival goers.

THE HOUSE OF APPLICATION is a performance installation originally staged on the top floor of a warehouse in Melbourne. It works with one large open space broken up by curtains and the performers manipulating the shape and movements of the audience. On occasion, the audience is seated, standing or moving. The performances are broken up into vignettes that take place either before, behind and even though the audience. The experience is similar to being in a 3d painting that keeps shifting its visual panorama. There is no strict narrative or plot; the performance with text is a ghostly schismata that swirls around the audience as it is lead around the space.

The show is a meditation on the Victorian period based around the life of a noble family and their servants. 4 mysterious suitors named the horsemen, representing the 4 different elements, arrive to ask the patriarch of the family for his youngest daughter’s hand in marriage. Their true intentions turn out to be quite different leading to the murder of the Patriarch. The work is broken up into scenes defined by these sub-themes, ‘the domestic’, ‘the public’, ‘the secret’ and ‘the epic historical’. There is no specific outcome or message to this work, it is more of a platform to prompt each audience member’s personal imagination.

The House of Application won two awards for the Melbourne Fringe 2005, Best Design & Culture Hub Funding.

DO U LIKE 2 WRESTLE? was staged in a large shed (Shed 4) in The Docklands in Melbourne (2009). The set is designed as a large-scale mud wrestling TV show. The audience is invited to fully participate by arriving at the venue with a wrestling costume of their own personal design.  The design criteria is that their wrestling costume must be inspired by the fashion houses of either Armani or Versace. When they arrive they are welcomed by their host The Most Reverend David Panache (John-Paul Hussey) who splits into them into 8 different personality groups and the wrestling begins, accompanied by a live band and DJ.

DO U LIKE 2 WRESTLE? is an event that merges Installation Art with Underground Party Culture. The experience is for the audience to not only participate as they would in a party but to also contribute to the creation of a piece of  3D art.


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