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My name is JOHN-PAUL HUSSEY and I am a Melbourne based performance artist, writer, director and installation artist. I do a wide range of work from theatre, special events, MCing to performance art installations. My main focus though, is with text  based storytelling through live performance with a multitude of characters and interconnecting narratives. All of my projects are supported by a strong emphasis in design through imagery, costume and multimedia. Enjoy!


“…trips the light fantastic between autobiography and surreal imagination…Hussey is a hypnotic performer, with a daunting arsenal of characters, accents and high-octane physical comedy at his disposal…”

- The Age

“Hussey is a human dynamo!…a consummate comic character actor with a rubber face and a compact build that allows him to glide and prance around the stage like a dancer…his comic timing is impeccable as he switches physicality and accents.”

- Herald Sun

Dr Evil

“…a densely layered chunk of performance blending hilarious autobiography, lyrical fiction, speculative philosophy, psychoanalytical symbolism, pop and high culture references with cheap clowning…it will be on your back for some time to come.”

 – Sunday Age



the money you'll save.


yellow wheel




John-Paul Hussey playing Dr Evil for the Mars Pet Food corporate event at the Sheraton on the Park in Sydney. 




Shane Grant



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